CRACKING THE LYRICS: DATI by Sam Conception and Tippy dos Santos feat. Quest

And I’m finally back to regular programming. Yipee!

And since I’m back, I’ll have to introduce a new segment — CRACKING THE LYRICS. It will feature lyrics of songs I’m currently listening to or any song that I find interesting plus my own analysis/interpretation of these lines. I’ll also include interesting trivia about the song. So enjoy!

And for starters, I’ll try to crack the story behind the song “Dati” sung by Filipino singers Sam Conception and Tippy dos Santos with Quest doing the rap parts. Here’s  the link to the official video:

The song is catchy and pleasing to the ears thus enjoying high play time on many radio stations. It has a bubbly, youthful and fresh appeal to me. Written by real-life sweethearts Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana, the song tells about young love and even bagged the  Philippine Popular Music Festival (Philpop) 2013 Grand Prize. And since I’m a 1990s kid, I could somehow relate to the lyrics that mention many references to the usual 1990s Filipino setting.

I’d be doing a rough English translation of each lines (in parts) first while slowly unraveling the story. Here’s the first part:

Dati-rati sabay pa nating pinangarap ang lahat.

Umaawit pa sa hangin at amoy araw ang balat

Naalala ko pa non nag aagawan ng nintendo

Kay sarap namang mabalikan ang ating kwento.

Haay, nostalgia! The persona (i believe is a male since it’s Sam’s voice…har har) delightly reminisce about his past with his muse (4th line)—the times that they’ve constructed their dreams in life together (1st line), sing their hearts out while sweating under the heat of the sun (2nd line) and fighting over nintendo (3rd line; nintendo is a popular video game in the ’90s).

Lagi lagi ka sa amin dumidiretso pag uwi

Maglalaro ng tao-taong piso-pisong nabili

Umaawit ng theme song na sabay kinabisa

Kay sarap namang mabalikan ang alaala..

The woman (since it was Tippy..hahaha) was also delighted with the memories they share (4th line)—always crashing at our place right after school (1st line), playing toy soldiers bought by a peso (2nd line) and singing the theme songs we learnt by heart.

At this point: Both personas were really pleased with their own sentimental recollection of the past.

Ikaw ang kasama buhat noon

Ikaw ang pangarap hanggang ngayon..

Hanggang ngayon  . . .

Both characters (since Sam and Tippy were singing together…hahaha) recognize that the other person was always there from the start (1st line) and even if time flies they still (3rd line) dream of the other person (2nd line, read: love).

At this point: These lines really sums up what they feel before and now—love.

And the chorus goes like:

Di ba’t ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang iyong hari

Ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi

Ngunit ngayo’y marami ng nabago’t nangyari

Ngunit di ang pagtingin na gaya pa rin ng dararada dati

Dararatda dati

Dararatda dati

Na gaya pa rin ng

They used to assume the roles of King and Queen (1st line) with the boy always ending up to save the Princess or the girl (2nd line). Since then, many things have changed and came about (3rd line) however what stayed the same is their love for each other (4th line) which is exactly the same as before (5th-7th lines).

Dati-rati ay palaging sabay na mag-siesta

At sabay ring gigising ng alas kwatro imediya

Sabay manonood ng paboritong programa

O kay tamis namang mabalikan ng alaala..

They used to sleep together (1st line) and wake up at exactly 4:30pm (2nd line; Ang TV is a popular TV program in the ’90s shown every 4:30pm) and thus they end up watching their favorite TV shows together (3rd line). Aww, those sweet memories (4th line)!

Dati-rati ay naglalaro pa ng bahay bahayan

Gamit gamit ang mantel na tinatali sa kawayan

At pawang magkakalaban pag nagtataya tayaan

Pero sing tamis ng kendi pag nagkakasal kasalan

They also assumed roles in a playhouse (1st line) built using table cloth or mantle tied to bamboo or trees (2nd line). They used to be bitter rivals in the game hide-and-seek (3rd line) but were as sweet as candy in a fake marrige ceremony (4th line).

Di ba dati ay nagkukunwaring Marvin at Jolina

Minsan ay tambalang Mylene at Bojo Molina

Ang sarap sigurong balikan ng mga alaala

Lalu na’t kung magkayakap mga bata’t magkasama at

They sometimes pretend to be sweethearts Marvin and Jolina (1st line; Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal were a popular loveteam in the ’90s) or Mylene and Bojo Molina (2nd line; Mylene Dizon and Bojo Molina were also a popular loveteam in the show Gimik in the ’90s). They both think it will be good to reminisce the past (3rd line) while together—interacting and hugging each other (4th line).

At this point: We get a hint, in the fourth line, that they are somewhere far away from each other.

Parang Hulyo’t Hulya lagi tayong magkasama

Sabay tayong umiiyak pag inaapi si Sarah

Una kang kinakatok sa pagsapit ng umaga

Sana mabalik pa natin dati nating pagsasama

They are always together like Jules and Julie (1st line; Jules and Julie are the main characters of the animated series Twins of Destiny popular in the ’90s) and cry at the same time whenever Sara is maltreated (2rd line; Sara is the lead character in the cartoon adaptation of the novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett). He also recalled that he always knocks first on her door every morning (3rd line). So sweet! And both longs to bring back the way it has been in their past.

Di ba’t ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang iyong hari

Ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi

Ngunit ngayo’y malayo ka’t malabong mangyari

Ang aking pagtingin, o ibulong na lang sa hangin

Pangarap na lang din na gaya pa rin ng dararada dati

Dararatda dati

Dararatda dati

The first and second lines were just the same lines in the chorus. It tells of what they used to be—the King and Queen of their own world or the knight in shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress. This is in contrast to what they are now, thousands of miles away from each other (as hinted by the boy holding the passport in the MV) suggesting a near to impossible relationship (3rd line). Both decided to keep their feelings or whisper their affection to the wind hoping that it will reach the other person (4th line). At the moment, they still considered each other as the same dream they had years ago (5th-8th line).

This song croons the story of two childhood sweethearts longing for each other and the times they used to share. It tells of the things they used to do in reference to a time when everything was simple (which by the way was poignantly captured by flashbacks in the MV). Growing up complicates their situation, a lot of things occurred and changed like being away from each other but only one thing remained the same throughout the years—LOVE, the feeling they both have for each other.

Though it was not clear if they are aware of the feelings of the other person (or if there was a confession somewhere), the song seems to stop short at their present situation leaving the listener to also wish for the couple to get back together. And I, as a listener, hope that they meet each other in the future and will eventually end up together :P . The feeling of extreme longing was effectively expressed in the lyrics with the strategic use of nostalgic elements making you wish for the old times back. This song is a perfect ode to young love.

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